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BBP Girls Lacrosse Winter 2015

Girls Lacrosse Program Winter 2015

Registration Fees:
Girls K-1 Clinic: $90 (Alternating Wed. from 6:00 to 7:00 beginning Dec 3)
Girls Grades 2-3-4-5-6 Teams: $150 (Clinic included with a 2nd grade team registration)
Girls 7/8th Grade Team and Clinics: $200 Weekend games and seven (7) sessions for 1 hour (Clinics - Alternating Wed. from 7:00 to 8:00 beginning Dec 3)

Family Discount: $75 Discount for 3 or more children registered
Credit or Debit Card Payment accepted Online.
Alternate payments available by request, including hardship requests.

All Grades will play at The Plex in Sayville.

BBP Boys Lacrosse Winter 2015

Boys Lacrosse Program Winter 2015
at The Plex, Sayville

Registration Fees:
Boys PreK-2nd Grade Clinic: $90 (Alternating Wed., at 6:00 to 7:00 beginning Dec 10)
Boys Grade 1-2-3-4-5-6 Teams: $150 (clinic included with a 1st or 2nd grade team registration)
Boys Grade 7-8 Team plus Clinics: $200 for Games and seven (7) 1 hour sessions (Alternating Wed., at 7:00 to 8:00 begin Dec 10)

Family Discount: $75 Discount for 3 or more children registered
Credit or Debit Card Payment accepted Online.
Alternate payments available by request, including hardship requests.

Getting Help

If you need help with the registration process, click here to submit a request, or contact:

For assistance with Girls Lacrosse,
contact Niall Kelly

For assistance with Registration,
contact John Kroog

For more information, visit the Bayport-Blue Point Youth Lacrosse website at



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President:                                        John Kroog (

Vice-President/Treasurer:              Craig Clare (

Secretary:                                        John Vazquez (

Boys Program Director:                   Jeff Aiello (                          

Boys Assistant Director:                  Eric Meyn (

Girls Program Director:                   Niall Kelly   (

Girls Assistant Director:                  Greg Hession (

Fields and Equipment:                     Keith Henke  (

Health and Safety                          Beth Clark   (

Merchandising:                                 Pat Shanahan (

Community Outreach and Events:   Mark Miller (


Bayport-Blue Point Youth Lacrosse
P.O. Box 844
Bayport, NY 11705

Our NCAA Bayport-Blue Point Youth Lacrosse Alumni 


BBP Class of 2013 

Brooke Kruescher - Dowling College;  Brian Ward - All American - Ohio State University;   Billy Baker - Stevens;

Ryan Hake - Univ. of Tampa;   Katelyn Leahy - Stony Brook University;   Austin Belz - SUNY Plattsburgh;  

Kyle Hughes - Washington College;  Lindsay Geoghan - Manhattan College;   Noreen McAllister - Lenore Rhyne


BBP Class of 2012

Makenzie Miller - Belmont Abbey, N.C.;   Molly Grube - East Stroudsburg, PA;   Rebecca Ruber - Binghampton

Rachel O'Brien - Adelphi;   Brian White - All American - Dowling College;   Connor White - Mount Olive

Robert Popdan - Fairfield;   Josh Shaw - Suffolk CC;   Mike Norward - Suffolk CC


BBP Class of 2011

 Gen Stickney - St. Thomas Aquinas; Julia Johnson - SUNY New Paltz; Alison Falkenburgh - SUNY Morrisville

 Loren Generi - US Naval Academy; Frank Gluchowski - Binghampton University;

Mike DeBlasio - Virginia Military Institute; Steve Russel - Salve Regina University

 Steve Kreusher - Wagner College; Christy Thoden - Farmingdale State


BBP Class of 2010

Allessio Faiella - Drew University;  Brady Darrah - Emerson College;

Brian Anderson - Siena College;


BBP Class of 2009 

Mike Generi - Siena College; Dylan Gray - Lasalle; Taylor Allen - Ursinus 

Dan Allgeier - Dowling College; Laura Edward - SUNY Cortland; Stephen Chant - Drexel University 

Kerry Goodnight - Molloy College; Allanah McAllister - St. Thomas Aquinas


BBP Class of 2008 

Mackenzie Baker - Bryant College; Kerry Stoothoff - Loyola College;  

Laura McClean - New Haven; Jason McDonald - Detroit Mercy; CJ Acker - Adelphi University 

Rob Hoblin - SUNY- Brockport; Matt Cannone - Salisbury


Bayport-Blue Point Youth Lacrosse

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